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My first assignment in Game Development was to create a Pong clone. I did all the music and some of the sprites. If you liked my 8-bit music, you’ll like this game. Includes soundtest, one player, and two player.

S.C.M. (Southerners Classic Mashup

I had the idea one night of taking 2002's backfield warm up at Indy where the drum cadence and Salvation mixed in almost seamlessly, and making it more accurate. Instead, I found an actual choir verison of Salvation and used the Speeder drum cadence to back it up. Then along this experimentation, I added in other songs (Trashcan, Superman, Stars Fell, I'll Fly Away) and made it more collabrative. The result ended up in an abstract, yet harmonizing, clash of classic Southerners songs, all meshing into one... at least at some point or another anyways. Enjoy!


I've been tossing around the idea lately "If the Marching Southerners was made into an RPG...what would the soundtrack sound like?" Well, I have some shown below. (All tracks are in 8-bit Nintendo style!!! Don't hurt me...too much...)

Overworld Map (Time To Say Goodbye)
Shop Theme (Quilting Party)
Battle 1 (Lawrence of Arabia from Sand 2001)

This isn't the end of the project. There will be LOTS more to follow, you can bet your @$$. Suggestions are welcome for future songs. You know where to contact me. :D


The following songs were salvaged from the "Great Sproing," in which my computer internally died and killed everything that was pure and holy (or was until I made it).

Fruits of Labor (discontinued)... from "Earthworm Jim 2" I was REALLY pissed when I lost all the original data on this song except for the demo I had burnt on a CD. (Thank GOD I did.) If I had finished this song... It definately would've been OC Remix material... It really would. What I have right now is DAMN good on it's own, mind, so don't hesitate to do the clicky thing right now. But still... *sighs*

Final Moments (demo rift quickie)... from "Earthbound" Just something I came up with while I was toying around with the Earthbound project from last year. This was supposed to be part of the song but then again, so was a lot of what I had on the hard drive at that moment...

Great Mother Spider (discontinued) original No, this hasn't much revelance to the almighty entity, the Great Mother Spider herself. The title was a backstory told by my friend Candace while I was playing around with some rifts on my sax. She asked "Hey! That can be part of the Great Mother Spider dance!" So, I made a repeating rift-ish song out of it...until I left it alone for a few weeks and the great sproing ate it. I may re-do it again one day, but for now, this will have to do.

NEW STUFF 12/18/04

Variations on a Prelude...from the "Final Fantasy" series I had done this mix waaaay back in October 2003. The computer it was on died three weeks later, and I only managed to grab it the following summer. Then I only had time to edit it for release just a few days ago. I'm really proud of this piece, because of the blend of different instruments I used in it. I'm not sure how the overall sound went (because my taste of hearing is kind of different from other peoples opinions) but I'm sure it'll rock some faces off.

Southerners Percussion Line vs. Eminem (Blasphmey part 2) I got addicted to this site called mixmash (do a google search on it) and it's songs. Djs, mixers, and others send in their creations of two or more blends of songs 'mixmashed' together to feature an entirely new song. I'll let you discover that for yourself. I tried a BIT of it, a little demo less than a minute long. It's pretty tight how it came out without any actual tempo bending involved. I just pray that no one shoots me for what I have done. As if the Marching Southerners game music wasn't enough to get me thrown in Weatherly Hell...*hides*

L-Shaped Slam...from "Tetris" I've been playing around with new instrument set-ups and sound when I got my new computer up and running. I managed to do a short little ditty around a minute long, demonstraiting the technicallitys of it's set up. I've already done a Tetris piece in the past (I need to re-post some of my old shit...) but there's no law stating I can't do another, so blenyah.

Traitor to the Throne (demo)...from "Fire Emblem" This is a piece I was working on with the above-said set-up. I've gotten so far, and then WHAM! Midterms! So I haven't had much time to mess with it. Enjoy it anyways youse guies.


November 16, 2004 - The Death of the Psuedo-Mullet: The Movie - I'm sorry to extend my apologies to anyone who liked the half-mullet, but as of last tuesday from this date, it had to go. Due to a completely &^!%$-ed up haircut by some wench at the local Head Starts, it became a FULL MULLET. And I did NOT want a FULL MULLET!!!!11 So, I asked Cyndi, the "P is for Porn" girl, to hack the $^! out of it. On a side note, six days later, the beard came off, too, but that's not going to be posted anytime soon. Yes, this is me. No, this isn't staged. And hell to the yeah, we all want to shoot that kid playing the damn ditty in the background. So without further ado...LOOKATTEHMULLET!!!!!!

And here are the ensuing photographs.

My mom would kill me if she saw this up front... WE HAVE SLAIN THE BEAST!!!

Trogdor (In The Niiiiiiiiiight!) - It's been a while since I released something...since...the Christmas break, in fact. I suppose my next series of releases will be my "summer project" And to head it off, here's my rendition of Strogbads "Trogdor", with background guitars/drums/all that. The guitar even goes JAH-jugga-jug-jugga-jug-jugga-jug-jugga-jug-jugga-jAH JAAAAAH! As well as the tiny strings (Don't make me do the voice....) as well as the original vocals, because a) I can't sing and b) I fortunately don't have a microphone to attempt so.
I am EXTREMELY happy with the way the song turned out. I only spent an hour or so on my edittor program fixing all the bells-and-whistles, and I didn't have any complaints a'TALL with it. So enjoy.

Advise for the Abnormal - This is a remix of Advice (Vocal and FLCL Arranged), Runners High, and Blues Drive Monster, all performed by the J-Rock group "The Pillows", most commonly known nowandays for their stuff on the FLCL Soundtrack. Personally, I LOVE the song "Advice." This started as a "Let's see how far I can pull this off" and then ended in a song all to itself.

1943 - Done over the summer, released late December. This is a short little song from the old NES game "1943.", which had a very nice soundtrack for its time and considering that it was on the old crusty 8-bit system we all grew up with.

Abuse Your Head - I made this song sometime in the summer. I just never had time to upload it to my, or any, site until recently. FYI, the style this song is in is called "Chip", where small, digital samples are used in place of instruments. I used simplistic samples taken from NES games for this. I know, I know. Geek pride.
Melody Includes:
-Earthworm Jim: Falling (also in just about every game by Shiny)
-Think (Composer Unknown)
-Na Na Na Na (I forgot what it's called)

Terra (Blasphmey) - I started this as a late night idea this summer, touched it up in December, and finished it. It would've been available sooner, but I didn't have the time or space then... So, here it is.
Audio Samples:
-Monty Python's Black Knight
-Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
-Some Dutch Guy
-Ranma 1/2
-Some other guy
-Mr. T
Again, Chip-style songs are usually done in low-file-sized sound samples that sound entirelly digitalized/computerized. I used a lot of these samples from old Nintendo games. And combinded them with drum loops, and other stuff that's rarely seen together. Hence, the "Blasphmey." So....yeah....

An EarthBound Christmas - ***Part 1 of my Earthbound Remix Project***
I call this "Earthbound Christmas" 'cause a> It was made well around Christmas time and b> It SOUNDS Christmas-y. The Project is still in progress. Once I get all the movements done, I'm planning on combinding all of them into one straight melody.

Enter: The Giygas - ***Part 2 of my Earthbound Remix Project***
This song is played during the second form of the final boss. What's unique about the original piece is that there's only a sub-beat throughout the movement. No actuall tempo marking to speak of, sort of. So, I gave it one. Or two. Perhaps six.

Bad Vacation - Ever since I left college for Christmas Vacation, I've had this idea in my head. As soon as I came home, I immediately started working. This is the first thing I started on, and the last song I've completed for my holiday project. Throughout vacation I became stir crazy, homesick, and desperate for anything to take my mind off of things. I think the music kind of reflects upon that. Especially the last part in the end signifying that it's all over, finally. I am HELLUVA pround how this came out, especially the second half.
Melody Includes:
Earthbound: Fourside and Onett
Fire Emblem: Main Theme and Opening
Fire Emblem Gaiden: Theme of Encounter
Final Fantasy 4 - Rosa (Theme of Love)
Earthbound: Fourside Accoustic Recap

I've ALWAYS wanted to do the Theme of Love in a battle-rock style beat. ^_^


Adam Lankford
November 22, 2004 ***


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